Onota Township Fire Department

Our paid on-call fire department serves Onota Township, a rural 92 square mile region in Alger County, Michigan.  Our personnel are trained in both fire and EMS (emergency medical services) to respond to fires, medical calls, vehicle accidents, and other incidents.  In an emergency, always call 911!  


The services we provide to citizens include fire protection, life safety, response to emergencies, and public information & education.  We have mutual aid agreements with all Alger County fire departments & Chocolay Fire Department; and train with these departments to maintain our working relationships. Click here to view the 2020 year end report on the department. 


We are currently seeking qualified applicants for the positions of firefighter, firefighter/EMT and EMT. To be qualified you must be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license.  If you are interested in joining the department, please feel free to contact us.

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News & Information

Smoke Alarms.

Time change is November 3rd. Onota Fire & Rescue would like to remind everyone to check their smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide alarm batteries. Onota Fire & Rescue has batteries available for FREE for all smoke alarms and some CO alarms.

If your smoke alarm is older than 10 years it needs to be replaced. If you do not have a smoke alarm or CO alarm please contact the department and we will be happy to assisted you with obtaining alarms and installation.

Carbon monoxide (CO).  Fuel-burning heating and cooking equipment can be a source of this toxic gas.  For your family's safety, install a CO alarm & test it regularly.  If the alarm sounds, leave your home immediately and call 911.