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Becoming Part of Your Department

Why become a firefighter or first responder?


We all become firefighters for different reasons.  It is an opportunity to serve your local community.  To make a difference to people you see regularly.  To be a part of a dedicated group that supports each other.  For the excitement of emergencies.  For your friends and neighbors.  For the camaraderie.  For the chance to help someone who may be having the worst moment of their life. 


Department Application (pdf)


To join the department in any role, you should:

  • be at least 18 years old

  • have a high school degree or GED

  • be able to pass a background and driving history check

  • be able to pass a physical offered by the department (or obtain a letter from your doctor certifying that you are fit for firefighting duties). 


General information on volunteering is available here.  No prior experience or training is required.  If you have questions, please email us, or call and leave a message with the township office (906-343-6535) or with the fire chief.  You may also attend a department meeting.  Meetings/trainings are held the last Wednesday of each month, 6:30 PM, at the Township Hall or Fire Station (E1461 Deerton-Sand Lake Road).


Departmental Roles


Firefighter: It is necessary to attend the state firefighter training program (approx. 240 hrs) within 2 years of hire.  For any training certifications - the department will do the paperwork to enroll you, pay mileage for you to attend these courses, and assist you as necessary to complete your training. 


First responder/EMT-Basic: It is necessary to attend a certified emergency medicine course within 2 years if joining only in a medical response role.  Firefighters may choose to attend this training at any time.  


Scene support personnel: It is necessary to obtain a first aid and CPR certification.  It is also encouraged for you to pursue training up into one of the other departmental roles.

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