Trucks & Equipment


Pumper/Engine – This is our primary response vehicle.  It both carries (1000 gallons) and pumps water.  It also holds a large supply of hose as well as a variety of tools and equipment that firefighters use for a wide range of incidents.


Tanker/Tender – As the name implies, this truck's primary purpose is to haul water to a fire scene.  It holds 1750 gallons and carries a "drop tank" that can be set up as a portable water source for the pumper.  These trucks are common in rural areas that do not have a dedicated water system with hydrants. 

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onota vfd

Rescue Vehicle – This vehicle was a collaborative project involving many work hours contributed by both current and past firefighters as well as community volunteers.  This vehicle is set up to respond primarily to vehicle & roadway incidents and EMS (emergency medical service) calls.  The Alger County Sheriff donated a set of Hurst extrication tools ("Jaws of Life") which are carried by this vehicle.  This vehicle has be decommissioned as of Oct. 2020. A replacement has yet to be obtained because of station limits. 

Hydrants – You may hear the term 'hydrant' used, but in this area it refers only to dry hydrants.  Dry hydrants consist of a length of pipe that goes directly to a natural body of water (e.g. lake, stream).  It gives more direct access to a water source.  These are different from hydrants you see in cities, but still need maintenance. 


If you have a site on your property where you would be interested in having a dry hydrant installed, please contact the fire department.  We would be happy to assist you in the permitting and installation process if your site is suitable.  

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