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Meetings & Training

Date: last Wednesday of each month

(exception - holidays)

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Onota Township Hall / Fire Station

Station Location
E1455 Deerton-Sand Lake Rd

Deerton, MI

Mailing Address
Onota Township Fire Department

PO Box 100

Deerton, MI  49822


Email: onotafire@gmail.com

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To protect and preserve life, property, and the environment through emergency planning and response by providing a team of professional, trained responders dedicated to the safety and education of the community in a compassionate and ethical manner.  


In the fire service, values are determined by the community environment the department exists in combined with nature of the department members.


Duty - Integrity - Compassion


Accomplishing what needs to be done [duty] because it is the right thing to do [integrity] to help others in need [compassion].  


To be recognized by those we serve, our members, and our peers as a professional organization dedicated to the provision and planning of emergency services through:


*its members:

--priority of improvement by continual training & education

 --committing to the community and and adapting to its changing needs

--the importance placed on communication, active participation, support, and compassion both within and external to the department


*the role of the department as an entity in facilitating community partnerships, developing common goals, maintaining working relationships with mutual aid partners


*striving to create all of the above in an environment that fosters and promotes integrity, acceptance, respect, and cooperation


*operating in a fiscally responsible manner to meet and exceed the current and future expectations of the community and all those it serves.